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Frano is a twelve year old award-winning musician who started showing his musical talent at the age of two and has been playing various instruments since the age of three. As a live-performance artist & multi-instrumentalist he plays violin, piano, and his greatest love – guitar.

At age of five Frano held his first solo classical guitar concert at the Music Academy of Zagreb. Frano has won several international competitions in music theory and classical guitar. So far he has performed more than a hundred times at various events, concerts, festivals, TV shows and radio broadcasts, and organized and participated in charity projects.

At age of eight he finished elementary music school with excellent success and honors. He was probably the youngest in the world to perform Vivaldi’s Chamber Concerto in D-major RV93 at that age. Also, that was the time he performed first time with his greatest hero – Mr. Tommy Emmanuel, CGP. Their first joint performance occurred in the biggest Croatian national concert hall Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb (Croatia), after which they appeared in the concert hall Brucknerhaus in Linz (Austria), Teatro Rossetti in Trieste (Italy) and Philharmonie am Gasteig in Münich (Germany). Later they did more shows together and Frano as special guest joined Mr. Emmanuel German tour 2016/2017. where they toured across Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

At his 10th birthday, Frano had a huge honor to be a part of a guitar orchestra and play with the famous Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (LAGQ: William Bill Kanengiser, John Dearman, Matthew Greif & Scott Tennant), performing Shingo Fujii’s “Shiki: Seasons of Japan”, in Nürtingen (Germany).

At age of ten, Frano published his first release as a solo guitarist called “It’s a Secret”, featuring his original compositions. As youngest member of Croatian Composer’s Society Frano continues his education in music high school, developing as a composer and arranger while performing worldwide.

“It’s a Secret” is Frano’s first release as a solo guitarist and composer. All compositions on this album are written* and performed by Frano Zivkovic at the age of 10 (*Frano wrote all compositions till the age of 10, except “Silba” and “Frano’s Rag” which are written by Zarko Zivkovic). This release is available as physical CD, Digital download (FLAC + MP3) and Sheet music (written also by Frano, available in PDF format). By purchasing items from this release you are directly supporting Frano’s further development. Thank you!

Sheet Music:


Frano plays La Mancha Rubi

Since he was seven years old, Frano plays small size La Mancha Rubi classical guitar.

Small body size and low action are the most important features of a perfect guitar for kids. Rubi perfectly fits Frano’s hands and body size. While its Rubi body is small and lightweight, the sound that comes out is BIG. Although the instrument itself produces an amazingly good and intense sound for such a small guitar, the integrated Shadow performer Pro pickup provides state-of-the-art sound to blow the audience, especially in the lower register where baseline is making a huge difference.

Low action is a must. Small fingers are soft and puny. High precision CNC machining gives La Mancha guitars accurate structure which allows fine customization of bridge and nut, in order to gain perfect low action while preserving a clean tone. Frano loves to play Rubi because his fingers never get painful or tired. Finally, instead being forced to tame an inappropriate instrument, Frano can devote himself to playing music.

Frano - Waterfall [Original] [Live]
Just An Old Fashion Love Song │ Live │ 12yr old Frano
PrimerTango │Original │12yr old Frano [Live]
Anta Gata Doko Sa? │ original arrangement │ 12yr old Frano [Live]
One Christmas Night │ Live │ 12yr old Frano
Tommy Emmanuel & Frano (11yr) │ The Bug
The Beatles Medley | Live | 12yr old Frano
Reason to Smile | Original | 11yr old Frano
Tommy Emmanuel & Frano (11yr old) | Classical Gas
Tango en Skaï (Roland Dyens) | Live | 11yr old Frano
Cavatina (Stanley Myers) | Live | 11yr old Frano
Somewhere Over The Rainbow | Live | 11yr old Frano
Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie) | Live | 11yr old Frano
High school string orchestra • Respighi & Sibelius | Live | 11yr old Frano
Saltwater | Cover | 11yr old Frano
Lone Dragon | Original | 11yr old Frano
East Bound and Down (Jerry Reed) | original arrangement | 11yr old Frano
Interview HRT 31.12.2015. | 11yr old Frano
Christmas Medley | fingerstyle arrangement | 11yr old Frano
It's a Secret | Original | 11yr old  Frano
Moj zanat (Arsen Dedic) | Arrangement | 11yr old Frano & Marko Tolja feat. Quartet Prelude
Frano's SchoolTour ES Vinka Zganca Zagreb 27.11.2015 | Live | 11yr old Frano
Tall Fiddler (Tommy Emmanuel) | Live | 11yr old Frano @ MAF 2015
Rachel E. | Original | 11yr old Frano [Live]
Frano plays Maton Mini

Since the age of eight, Frano plays Maton Mini acoustic guitar.

This small size acoustic guitar fits him perfectly, even in standing position. The standard AP4 pickup is upgraded to AP5pro, the ultimate guitar pickup in the world. Featuring piezzo and cardiodid microphone in the same system, AP5pro pickup gives Frano great tone, especially in low and mid tonal range, and helps him reduce feedback while giving audience the richest possible sound from such a small-body guitar.

With extremely low action, this guitar allows Frano to use .12 size strings, which gives him even more tone and great fun while playing fingerstyle music.

Upcoming Shows

25.04.2017 SchoolTour Opatija, CRO Elementary School - Rikard Katalinić Jeretov Elementary School - Rikard Katalinić Jeretov
02.05.2017 SchoolTour Hreljin, CRO Elementary School - Hreljin Elementary School - Hreljin
28.05.2017 Happy Birthday Sgt Pepper Zagreb, CRO Vatroslav Lisinski Vatroslav Lisinski Buy ticket - KN 120-200

Past Shows

27.03.2017 John Scofield - opening act Frano Zivkovic - ZGF 2017. Zagreb, CRO SC Cinema (Kino SC) SC Cinema (Kino SC)
07.02.2017 Tommy Emmanuel - special guest Frano Zivkovic Saarbrücken, GER Congresshalle, Saarbrücken Congresshalle, Saarbrücken
06.02.2017 Tommy Emmanuel - special guest Frano Zivkovic Koblenz, GER Rhein-Mosel-Halle Koblenz, Koblenz Rhein-Mosel-Halle Koblenz, Koblenz
12.12.2016 Corrado Rustici - feat. Peter Vettese, Mel Gaynor guest Frano Zivkovic Udine, ITA Teatro Palamostre, Udine Teatro Palamostre, Udine
11.12.2016 Corrado Rustici - feat. Peter Vettese, Mel Gaynor guest Frano Zivkovic Pisa, ITA Blitz Live Music Pub, Pisa Blitz Live Music Pub, Pisa
08.11.2016 Tommy Emmanuel - feat. Ian Cooper - special guest Frano Zivkovic Frankfurt a.M., GER Alte Oper, Frankfurt am Main Alte Oper, Frankfurt am Main
07.11.2016 Tommy Emmanuel - feat. Ian Cooper - special guest Frano Zivkovic Luxembourg City, LUX Conservatoire de Musique Conservatoire de Musique
05.11.2016 Tommy Emmanuel - feat. Ian Cooper - special guest Frano Zivkovic Ravensburg, GER Konzerthaus Ravensburg, Ravensburg Konzerthaus Ravensburg, Ravensburg
04.11.2016 Tommy Emmanuel - feat. Ian Cooper - special guest Frano Zivkovic Weimar, GER Weimarhalle, Weimar Weimarhalle, Weimar
02.11.2016 Tommy Emmanuel - feat. Ian Cooper - special guest Frano Zivkovic Bielefeld, GER Rudolf-Oetker-Halle, Bielefeld Rudolf-Oetker-Halle, Bielefeld
01.11.2016 Tommy Emmanuel - feat. Ian Cooper - special guest Frano Zivkovic Essen, GER Lichtburg, Essen Lichtburg, Essen
30.10.2016 Tommy Emmanuel - feat. Ian Cooper - special guest Frano Zivkovic Karlsruhe, GER Konzerthaus, Karlsruhe Konzerthaus, Karlsruhe
29.10.2016 Tommy Emmanuel - feat. Ian Cooper - special guest Frano Zivkovic Pratteln, CHE Konzertfabrik Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland Konzertfabrik Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
28.10.2016 Tommy Emmanuel - feat. Ian Cooper - special guest Frano Zivkovic Fulda, GER Orangerie, Fulda Orangerie, Fulda
27.10.2016 Tommy Emmanuel - feat. Ian Cooper - special guest Frano Zivkovic Heidelberg, GER Stadthalle Großer Saal, Heidelberg Stadthalle Großer Saal, Heidelberg

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SchoolTour – it’s a cool tour!

Intended for schools, educational & cultural institutions, youth & music festivals, providing great classical and acoustic music to the youngsters.

Frano’s School Tour consists of concert shows and music workshops especially intended for the youth with the accent on education and entertainment. The main idea of the tour is to introduce classical music and to promote quality acoustic music to young generations, by one of their own: twelve-year-old Frano.

Through the show, Frano raises the imagination of the audience and guides them through the magical world of music. His musical storytelling starts with some of the most influential classical composers such as Bach, Mozart or Vivaldi, continues to the modern music of Brouwer or York and finishes with beautiful and attractive acoustic music of Tommy Emmanuel, CGP. Frano also introduces audience to his original compositions, giving youngsters a powerful and motivating message – If you try hard, everything is possible!

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